Intensive Academic Year and Semester

Intensive Academic Year and Semester

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Course Description

Our long-term courses are designed for students wishing to immerse themselves in the local language and culture for an extended period. Studying for 5, 6 or 8 months allows you to achieve an increased level of fluency and confidence, ideally suited for students with clear academic or career goals which require strong English skills.

Choose this program if

  • You want to improve your fluency and confidence
  • You want to make a significant increase in your English
  • You would like a flexible long-term study option and wish to combine core English study with other academic or exam courses in one long-term package
  • You want access to a wide variety of self-study tools to access outside of your classes
  • You would like to receive a certificate at the end of your studies

Your Classes

English classes

Our experienced teachers will provide high-quality communicative English classes focussed on improving your core listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, allowing your uency, accuracy and condence to rapidly improve.

Students may choose to combine several different programs within an Intensive Academic Year or Intensive Academic Semester course to suit their goals, allowing students to progress from a general English program into a specialised course that matches their academic or career objectives.

Skills classes

Students focus on key areas of their language development, assisting you in making the fastest possible progress. Classes which may be offered include:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Everyday English
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Conversation and Pronunciation

Study Clubs

Our school provides students with  a wide range of opportunities for extra study, allowing students to focus on areas of interest or weakness, to practice using English with other students and to make new friends. Study clubs which are regularly offered include:

  • Conversation club
  • Presentation club
  • IELTS speaking club
  • Song club
  • Games club
  • Cambridge Exam club

Students can also use a variety of self-study material as part of the study club program, including the K+Tools and K+Extra online study tools. These tools allow students to better focus their studies on areas of personal interest, to more easily review past lesson topics and to access high-quality study materials. These materials are available both in the study centre and on most other personal devices.

Start dates 2018

Classes may be offered in mornings and/or afternoons and will depend on the schedules offered in the school during your period of study. Progress between study programs will depend on course dates, student progress and course availability, *dependent on start date

** course commences Tuesday April 3rd due to April 2nd public holiday

Intensive Academic Year and Semester

Course Facts

Academic Semester
5 or 6 months
20 or 24 weeks tuition + 1-2 week holiday*
Academic Year
8 months
32 weeks tuition + 2-3 week holiday*
Lesson Length
45 minutes
Number of Lessons
28 lessons per week (21 hours):
  • 20 English classes
  • 8 Skills classes
  • full access to study clubs (minimum 5.25 hours per week)
Class size
Average 12, maximum 15
Course entry level
Minimum Age
16 years old
Start dates 2018
Academic Semester: Jan 8; Feb 12; Mar 12; Apr 3**; May 14; Jun 11; Jul 23; Aug 27; Sep 17; Sep 24; Oct 8

Academic Year: Jan 8; Feb 12; Apr 3**; Jun 11; Jul 23; Aug 27; Sep 17; Sep 24

** course commences Tuesday April 3rd due to April 2nd public holiday
CRICOS Course Codes
092368F (Year)
076470G (Semester)

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