English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes

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Course Description

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course is designed to help international students to develop the skills required to undertake further studies in Australia. You will learn how to complete the types of tasks and assignments required at university and college in Australia, giving you a thorough preparation for your next step in an English-speaking academic environment.

Choose this program if

  • You want to learn about the culture and expectations of studying in an English-speaking environment in Australia
  • You want to develop skills such as effective essay-writing, joining class discussions and giving presentations
  • You want to improve your proficiency in areas such as referencing, speed-reading and effective note-taking.
  • You want access to a wide variety of self-study tools outside of your class
  • You would like to receive a certificate at the end of your studies

Your Classes

English classes

Our EAP classes focus on helping students to develop the language skills and academic proficiencies necessary for success in an academic context.

Study Clubs

Our school provides students with  a wide range of opportunities for extra study, allowing students to focus on areas of interest or weakness, to practice using English with other students and to make new friends. Study clubs which are regularly offered include:

  • Conversation club
  • Presentation club
  • IELTS speaking club
  • Song club
  • Games club
  • Cambridge Exam club

Students can also use a variety of self-study material as part of the study club program, including the YouSTUDY English Online resources. These online resources allow students to better focus their studies on areas of personal interest, to more easily review past lesson topics and to access high-quality study materials. These materials are available both in the study centre and on most other personal devices.

Delivery Options

During COVID-19 International border restrictions, YouSTUDY International College is offering our programs online either by self-directed study or Teacher-led Virtual Classes. Our College is open in Cairns for a blended delivery of online and face-to-face teacher support through our Study Centre.

English for Academic Purposes

Course Facts

Course length
10 weeks
Lesson Length
45 minutes
Number of Lessons
28 lessons per week (21 hours):
  • full access to study clubs (minimum 5.25 hours per week)
Class size
Average 12, maximum 15
Course entry level
Higher Intermediate or IELTS 5.5*
Minimum age
16 years old
CRICOS Course Code

* students enrolling offshore will be given a pre-arrival assessment before enrolment.

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