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YouSTUDY International College is proud to work with a diverse range of education agents and we value the role our partners play in supporting our students.  Our school has 30 years’ experience in working with agents and we aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with organisations that share our school values and our focus on providing the highest-quality student experience.

Our school offers a range of courses and products to suit any prospective student, including several unique study packages such as our renowned English and Diving course, and we are able tailor courses of study to any individual or group, including younger learners and academic groups.  We have a strong reputation for assisting students in achieving specific test outcomes and/or entering further courses of study at other tertiary education institutions, and through our association with IELTS and Cambridge and our status as a test centre for both of these exams, we are able to offer complete study packages entirely within our centre.

Most importantly, as an independently owned and operated English language college, we aim to provide fast, effective and direct support to our trusted partners.  The staff that our agents contact are the same staff who work closely with our students on a daily basis, and because of this you can be assured that our students will be provided with the best possible care and support throughout their study journey.

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