IELTS, a globally recognised English test, is a requirement in Australia for purposes such as work, study, and migration. This evaluates candidates across four key language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Many students enrolled at YouSTUDY International College are focused on achieving strong test results during their time in Australia.  Our highly trained staff are ready to advise and support you in your preparations for the test.

Our teachers can assist you with a free Level Test so that you can find out your current level of English to establish whether you are ready to take the IELTS Test and achieve your required minimum score.


Links to free IELTS online mock test

  1. Free Mock Test Online 
  2. Free English Practice Test



IELTS tests are conducted several times a month at the IELTS Test Centre in Cairns.

YouSTUDY International College offers a number of courses specially designed to assist students to develop their skills prior to taking their IELTS English test.

During COVID we are offering a range of flexible IELTS course options including self-directed study and Live Classes through our Virtual Campus


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