Exam Preparation

YouSTUDY understands there are many concerns that students have in exam preparation.  Whether the students are taking the test next week or in a few weeks or a months’ time.

YouSTUDY has a range of packages to help you prepare for PTE and IELTS Academic and General Exams. Try our free seven-day trial for your exam preparations!  Access to videos with examples of exam methodology and practice questions for writing, speaking, listening, and reading. When you think you are ready to take your test you can try a full and mini mock test, downloadable test material is also available.

Live Classes or Personal Tutoring are an excellent choice for your exam preparation.  Also, an excellent choice if you want to improve your English skills for an English Test.  Attending our Live Classes will give you more confidence when speaking English in the workplace with colleagues.  It will also assist you in making new friends.


Our Exam Preparation options will help you to:

  • recognise your current level of English and any weaknesses to improve
  • appreciate how much you must improve your English to get the score you need
  • get to know the format and content of the exam to understand what is being tested
  • improve one or more English skills, speaking, reading, writing, or listening
  • discuss your weaknesses and get advice from a teacher
  • practice the exam format and take a mock test
  • improve your vocabulary and grammar


Free Placement Test for Exam Preparation

Complete our FREE Placement Test to find out your estimated English CEFR Level and its equivalent IELTS/PTE/OET/TOEFL score. The test takes about 20 minutes and you will receive a recommendation on your current CEFR Level and the English Level Course you should enrol in to improve your skills.  You can take the test on your phone using our GetMee app. We recommend that you take the test in a quiet place.  Download our app now!

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